President Silaanyo went under the knife

President Silaanyo went under the knife

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The President of the republic of Somaliland His Excellence Ahmed Mohamed Mohaoud Silaanyo has this week went under the knife in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.


The spokesman of the Somaliland State House honorable Hussein Adan Cige, has on Tuesday addressed the press and shared with them about the health status of the President.

“The President has left the country on Friday the 18th of August and his last destination was Abu Dhabi the UAE, where was to do general medical checkup, and the medics that the President is health wise perfect, but there is hernia which needs minor surgery which will be done through the lance, and it was done and now the President is in good condition” said Cige the spokesman of the State House.      


The has returned back from the UAE in late July, and during his stay in the UAE he met with medics who did general medical checkup on him, and doctors advised him to see them after couple of weeks, and that is the reason why the President has made his second visit in the UAE in less than a month.


The President is expected to return into the country, since the operation was successful.

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